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What to do around Christmas in Prague with kids

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What to do around Christmas in Prague with kids

If I was to pick the things I like doing most with my kids in Prague around Christmas time, these are the things that would make it a perfect day spend around Christmas in Prague with kids!

As a bonus, I put together a Free Printable for this article where your kids can craft their own nativity scene, cut out all the parts, color them in, and build the crèche any way they like it. Moreover, your kids will learn about how do Czech children celebrate Christmas and who brings them presents. Spoiler allert: it’s not Santa 🙂

Christmas in Prague with kids: Morning

The Farmer’s Market in Vinohrady

We begin our day in Jiriho z Poděbrad Square. I can’t imagine a great day without a great cup of coffee in the morning, so my first steps on the square lead me to my favorite shop, Mama Coffee. Every coffee lover should absolutely taste their coffee, it’s one of the best in Prague!

Christmas in Prague with kids:

But coffee isn’t the only reason why we’re here. It’s the farmer’s market and the church, too. The local farmer’s market is spread along one side of the square, right by the coffee shop. This market is definitely less for tourists, despite being just a five-minute taxi ride from the crowds in the city center. Around Christmas, there is a Christmas market here instead of the typical farmer’s market on some days.

Christmas in Prague with kids:

Honestly, my children don’t really enjoy the market – unless I buy them Trdlo or hot chocolate at least. Check out another tip on how to keep the kids happy and busy at the market in my article on the Christmas markets.

Before we leave the market and the square, we stop by the Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord (Kostel Nejsvětějšího srdce Páně). The nativity scene might not be on display yet (they only show it around Christmas Eve), but at least we can light up a candle and admire the architecture of this late 1920’s era church, inspired by Noah’s Ark.

Christmas in Prague with kids:

Christmas in Prague with kids: Pre lunch

Ice-skating under the Žižkov TV Tower

After spending an hour or so in Jiriho z Poděbrad Square, it’s time to head to the TV Tower. The Tower is very close and we can see it from everywhere, so it’s easy to find the way. The boys are shouting “Babies, babies” – yes, they’re still there, crawling up and down the Tower.

The ice rink is literally underneath the Tower, by the restaurant Miminoo. We pay the entrance fee, rent our skates, and we’re ready to hit the ice. We love to go ice skating with kids in Prague around Christmas so everything you need to know about the hours, payments, and other practical information is in my article about ice-skating rinks in Prague. It’s quite handy having the restaurant and bar right next to it too – you can order hot drinks while skating.

Christmas in Prague with kids:

Christmas in Prague with kids: Lunch time

Gourmet lunch or special bakery shop

It might be time for a bite to eat after our ice-skating adventure. If we wanted to have a true gourmet lunch experience, we’d eat at La Bottega Gastronomica right on the corner by the ice-skating rink. This Italian food treasure is slightly up-scale and non-traditional (don’t expect a typical Italian restaurant menu). And because my kids are likely going to have difficulties sitting down while waiting for our orders, I have my nativity scene printouts, pencils and scissors ready to keep them busy.

If we don’t want to sit down for a big lunch, we might just stop by a popular bakery, called Antonin’s Bakery (Antonínovo pekařství) on Laubova street number 4, 130 00 Praha 3, on our way to the next destination. We can warm up our hands a bit inside, watch the bakers make fresh bread and have some sandwiches (there are a few tables to sit down at).


Christmas in Prague with kids: Early afternoon

Getting creative in a creative cafe

With our tummies full, we’re taking 10 min walk to to a creative center called Kavárna Maluj to Korunní 37 street make some great Prague souvenirs. The boys together with their freind Julia have already bought some presents in the market, but they’re excited to decorate Prague mugs for granny and grandpa. And it keeps them busy for quite some time. I can’t resist, and make one myself as well :).


Christmas in Prague with kids: Afternoon

Visit baby Jesus

Around 4 PM, it’s getting darker outside (the sun sets as early as 4 p.m. in December), so it’s time to get to the city center. We take an Uber or – if the boys are not too tired – metro and tram to the Church of Our Lady Victorious (kostel Panny Marie Vítězné) on Karmelitská 9, 118 00 Praha 1 – Malá Strana. Here, we go see the famous baby Jesus and see what he’s dressed in today – his clothes change more often in December. If we have time, we can go and see all his clothes in a little museum by the Church.


Christmas in Prague with kids: Late afternoon

Across the Charles Bridge to the Old Town Square market

As night falls, it’s a beautiful walk through the Old Town after visiting baby Jesus. Along the way, we buy Trdlo for the boys and some hot wine (we call it “svařák”) for ourselves. And we peek into every church we pass to see whether they already have their crèche on display. Hard to believe how many churches there are!

The Old Town is flooded with people but the boys like the huge Christmas Tree in the square and the little light and sound show it does every half hour, so it’s a must-do on our perfect December day!

Christmas in Prague with kids:

Dinner time: Tasty meal at Mincovna

We’re definitely tired by now so it’s time for some good Czech food and beer! In my opinion there is only one restaurant in the Old Town Square that can satisfy us – Mincovna. This restaurant claims to be for locals even though it’s a very a touristy place. But their draft Pilsner beer is great, and if you prefer wine, you’ll be happy here to – they offer a wide variety of Moravian and Czech wines. And since the boys haven’t finished their nativity scenes yet, they’ll be able to sit through the whole dinner with us, hooray!

See the map where you can check all the places that we visited:

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