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The best spots to snap your family photo in Prague

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The best spots to snap your family photo in Prague

Taking pictures is an inevitable part of visiting Prague with your family. And while it may sound easy, in my experience, two issues usually come up: how do I find those ultimate spots with a great view but without a ton of people around? And how do I get everyone in the picture? If you’re holding the camera, someone will always be missing in your family photo from Prague.
No matter how kind the stranger, we all know what pics look like when a random passer-by is manning the lens. No feet, too much sky, no background or a finger shadow on the lens… you name it. I´m not a selfie stick fan either, so I decided to ask Matěj Slezak, a vacation photography expert, how to solve these two main problems with family picture taking.

Matěj’s focus is on building a worldwide network of photography professionals called, with a mission to help travellers from all around the world capture their holiday memories in beautiful professional photos so that they can save them for years to come.

Here’s what I found out in a short interview:

Could you share the three best places to take typical “touristy” photos of Prague?

If you want a classically beautiful background for your vacation portraits then you should begin your photoshoot on the picturesque Charles Bridge. The panoramic views of Prague Castle at sunrise will leave you speechless. Afterwards, you can continue to picturesque Kampa Island and take a short, scenic walk up to the castle.

Should you prefer a touch of natural scenery in your images then you should opt for some of Prague’s parks such as the gardens at Vyšehrad Park. Alternatively, you could walk to the Petřín Lookout Tower for extraordinary views over the city.

Lastly, the stroll through the cobbled streets of Lesser Town or Old Town provide many hidden opportunities for excellent photography, each with their own unique and charming atmosphere.

vacation photographer in Prague
vacation photographer in Prague

Where is the best place for a memorable family photo?

The Mirror Maze close to Petrin Lookout Tower is a great option for this. There are also plenty of children’s playgrounds all around Prague that your kids will love.


Are there any specific tips for taking photos in Prague?

The best time of the day to take photographs in Prague is at sunrise and just before sunset. This time is known as the “golden hour” and offers the best lighting for your photos. But this suggestion applies to any destination, not just Prague.

When choosing a setting in Prague, you should always consider the crowds. For example, the Old Town Square might be a great location for taking amazing vacation photos, but certainly not during weekends when it’s packed with tourists. So, planning your photoshoot ahead of time and discussing everything with your photographer beforehand is always recommended.

Vacation photographer in Prague
Vacation photographer in Prague

What about taking photos with kids? Can you recommend any good tips and tricks for parents?

We recommend considering the clothing your family is going to wear to your photoshoot. Paying attention to colours (and making sure they slightly match) can make a huge difference to the final photographs. If you have really young children, then we would suggest bringing along their favourite toy or some sweets to the photoshoot to keep them happy.

How does the localgrapher service actually work?

In addition to Prague, we aim to capture the very best professional photos from your vacation wherever you may choose to go. We have expert photographers in nearly 120 destinations around the world. You simply have to select your destination and your preferred photographer (who also acts as local travel guide) and we will do the rest! We deliver your photographs within four business days via a private password-protected online gallery so that you can cherish your precious memories forever.


Is there anything that has surprised you during your journey with Localgrapher? Are there any awkward client’s’ wishes or surprising responses from your clients?

I have to say that I’m surprised by just about every photoshoot we do. When I see the final photographs, I am blown away by the positive energy that seems to flow from the photos and they never fail to make me smile. People are usually very relaxed and happy on vacation and this really shows in the final photos.


Localgrapher must be a life-saver for families. Are families your most popular clients?

Yes, our main clients for photoshoots are usually couples and families. We also do have some sessions with solo travellers and groups of friends. Our favorite projects are when we are hired in secret to photograph a romantic proposal!

And how about your family pictures from Prague? Is there any place you and your kids liked the most? Any picture you are especially proud of? Let me know in the comment :)!

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