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How to book a perfect family tour in Prague

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How to book a perfect family tour in Prague

Prague is visited by all sorts of tourists every year and it’s very popular to book a guided sightseeing tour. There are walking tours in big groups and small groups, segway tours, bike tours, bus tours, you name it. But in my experience taking an organized tour with the kids is usually not a good idea. Which got me wondering: what kind of tour is the best option for a family tour of Prague. And that’s why I met with Tereza, the founder of the project Guidilo, a provider of authentic tours with local guides in Prague.

What is the core idea of Guidilo?

Our aim is to connect travelers from all around the world with Prague’s locals, to share their interests in a unique way that goes beyond the traditional tourist concept – from bike tours to photo walks. All our experiences are designed to feel as if you’re experiencing the city alongside a new friend, instead of a stiff tour guide.


What kind of travelers are interested in a tour with a local guide?

Everyone who is eager to discover off-the-beaten-path places, who don’t just want to blend into a crowd, who enjoy meeting new interesting people and appreciate all the good things that life has to offer 😊

What are the most popular tours in Prague?

The classic walking tour, and it’s no wonder – a lot of travelers come to Prague for a  few days only and want to see all the TOP sights in the shortest time. Luckily for them, our locals customize all the tours to meet their needs. And on top of that, they’re able to include hidden gems along the way that you simply can’t experience when traveling on your own.


Why do you think visitors like these tours? What do they find the most exciting about it?

According to our travelers‘ feedbacks, they appreciate the helpful & personal approach throughout the whole process. We always do our best to fulfil their needs and meet their expectations. And that’s our best reward – to hear that the experience was the highlight of their trip to Prague!

Why do you think that Prague is a good place for visit with a family?

In my opinion, Czechs are very family-oriented and Prague is a very kid-friendly city with lots of options for both adults and children alike. All you need to do is to decide where to start from 😊

Would you recommend any activities in Prague that are great for kids?

As I said, there are plenty of activities all year round. In spring, I’d recommend you go up the Petřín hill (not only because of the funicular ride and the lookout tower, there’s a mirror maze up here too). A paddle boat in summer. Visiting the Prague ZOO in autumn and in winter. And to get to know Prague city centre with the kids, go for Prague Family Kit by Katka. I’m pretty sure that will keep your whole family entertained for a few days, no matter time of year!


Do you offer a family tour in Prague on Guidilo? How is it different from other tours?

Actually, we do and it’s one of my popular ones 😊 Our Local Martina (and her 2 adorable girls) who are in charge of the “Family-friendly Tour” love to meet other families from all around the world to show them around the city and play together. Spoiler alert: don’t expect an ordinary boring tour.

What in your opinion would be the greatest benefit of booking a tour with genuine local guide for a family visiting Prague with kids?

Understandably, locals know that there’s so much more to Prague that tourists miss out on. No general guidebook can give you all the insider tips and hidden gems that the people living there every day can offer. Besides that, experiencing a country and its culture from a local’s perspective always creates the best memories!

I totally agree with that one! Making a perfect family tour in Prague means creating memories together rather than struggling in crowded tourist traps. And so you don’t miss out on the essentials, I’ve created Prague Family Tips e-book with my local insider tips for parents. Feel free to download your copy here.

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