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Hello I’m Katka!

Working hard in corporations for years, I realized there were currently two things in my life that I truly love – my children and traveling. I didn’t want to waste another minute and decided to pursue my true love instead. So here I am writing about traveling and children and working on my family traveling project called Travelove. Go on and read my personal blog on family traveling in Prague.

prague with family Katka

How it all started

I was seven when my parents sent me abroad to live with a wonderful family and learn German. At the age of twelve I flew across the ocean by myself for the first time. I spent a year with a local US family in Colorado during my high school years. And in college, I studied in Austria and worked in India for a year.

Doing this, I learned how to become a local in different countries all over the world. I enjoyed the true beauty of the differences and similarities between people. What they like to eat for breakfast, how they spend their weekends, how they celebrate life in family circles, what stories they tell their children before going to sleep. That was what I loved to learn the most.

When my first son, Marian, was born, I gave up my traveling passion for a long time. It was hard enough to take care of him and work at the same time. Later on, after Chris was born, I realized things won’t change unless I make the change. So I quit my corporate marketing job and started traveling with my children.

Prague with Family 3

Traveling with my children

„Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings.“ — Hodding Carter

Taking kids to the seaside or camping suddenly seemed to be the easy part. What really took a lot of energy was exploring big cities. How could I see the top sites and make it fun for the little ones at the same time? Any insight from local families was valuable. I made up games with fun facts during our city walks and tried to show and explain some basic information to my children about the city and country we were visiting. I wished I could have had “something” to help me with all of this. That’s when I started putting my own ideas down on paper.

Prague Family Kit – the only package for parents and children

Prague has been my hometown for almost 20 years. I spent a lot of time studying interesting facts about the city and came up with adventurous games, puzzles and fun learning activities for my children and their friends to enjoy together while walking through the Prague city center and other neighborhoods.

Prague Family Kit by Katka
Testing of my Prague Family Kit in action.

I decided to make all of this available to parents who are visiting Prague for a family holiday. I created a Prague Family Kit that includes:

Prague Family Kit 1

Marian and Cris with his Activity Book (1) for children, me with Adult Guidebook (2). Kids on the walk through Prague with their Backpacks (3)  filled with Art & Play Accessories (4).

Family traveling in Prague

Not everything fits in the Kit though. That’s why I write the Prague with Family blog. Read and find out what there is to see, what to have for lunch with your kids, what games to play and what stories to share. To make this blog really helpful though, I also include free -book for families and a bunch of free printables for children and parents inside my blog posts. Feel free to download them and let me know how did you like them on

prague with family map