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Anne and Nimrod: Prague is a place you can’t get enough of!

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Anne and Nimrod: Prague is a place you can’t get enough of!

I designed 3 self-guided tours for the Prague Family Kit because it allows all the most beautiful sights and picturesque areas to be explored, and at the same time makes a perfect family vacation in Prague. I’m really happy when the Kit helps other parents have a great holiday and I love to hear about their experience with the Kit. Read what Anne and Nimrod thought about visiting Prague with their two princesses:

What were the best things about Prague – your opinion and the girls‘ opinion?

Walking with children can be quite challenging but Prague offers a wide-range of stop options from amazing local bakeries to lovelies cafes or even neighborhood parks, the city is made for families! In addition to being visually beautiful, the cultural buzz is phenomenal and exhibitions for all the family are available for all to enjoy.

What was the biggest surprise or a thing that you weren’t expecting – your opinion and the girls‘ opinion?

We were surprised by its architecture. We knew it would be amazing but we kept being reminded of our favorite neighborhood in Paris,  Saint Michel, near Notre-Dame. All the streets and buildings are superbly taken care of and people are very nice and helpful, it was a real discovery! And the fact that food is such an important part of the culture, just as in France, makes it even more appealing 😉

family vacation in Prague with kit

“I wanted to thank you again for everything you had done and for your kit which make our stay in Prague an even more enjoyable experience. We came back completely enchanted by the city and we felt that, thanks to your kit, we really managed to avoid all the tourists traps and got to the real Prague. A BIG thank you for helping us in having such a beautiful family vacation!” Anne and Nimrod from UK

Would you have any eating suggestions for others? Good restaurants or specific meals? What did the girls like the most?

We all absolutely LOVED the cakes at the Ovocný Světozor (Fruity Světozor)! We had THE BEST OF TIME! And Prague blew us away by its amazing food culture! Our beer and sausage stops were just brilliant! 🙂

What did you girls like the most in the Activity Book?

The girls loved the treasure hunt and the fact that they had to follow the trails. The interaction they had with the city and its culture was amazing!

Was there anything you girls didn’t like at all about Prague or the Activity Book?

Not a thing!

family vacation in Prague

Would you have any special tips or suggestions for other families coming to Prague?

Stay more than 3 days, it’s a fabulous place!

Many thanks to Anne and her family for sharing their pictures and kind words with me. I’m very grateful to have helped them have an unforgettable family vacation in Prague. I hope we get to meet again on their next visit to Prague!

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