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Carolyne and Erik: put the Prague Family Kit into Action

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Carolyne and Erik: put the Prague Family Kit into Action

Meeting Carolyne and her family was a real treat. Carolyne is a teacher and she ordered the Prague Family Kit for her older boys, Noah and Julien. And as I soon found out, they’d truly put the Prague Family Kit into action. Both Noah and Julien had completed all the pages of their Activity Books flawlessly and I was delighted by how much they’d learned about Prague and the Czech Republic.


“The boys had so much fun searching for the clues and filling in the Activity book! They want to make a presentation about their Prague trip in their class after coming home.” shared Carolyne.

I’m so happy to hear that! Having everything about the trip in one place and getting to show it to others after coming home is actually another benefit of the Prague Family Kit that I was hoping people would discover.

How did Noah, Julien and Liam find the treasure

During my prepared Prague treasure hunt all three boys cooperated as a great team. They solved the puzzle and followed the clues without any problems, and were soon enjoying the sweet treat at the end. After finishing the game, we got to talk a bit about their Prague travel experience.


Of course, I was curious, which part of Activity Book they liked the most. When I asked them about the highlights of their first two days, they knew exactly what to say: “I liked the water goblin,” says Noah, “I liked the bear in chains,” says Julien. Spot on, what a great choice!

When we talked a little more, they told me that the legends were definitely fun! “The Legend of the Astronomical Clock is true because the clock really isn’t working,” says Julien and shows me how he filled out the story.
Moreover, the boys were great with hands on artistic tasks. Both Noah and Julien made beautiful mosaics inspired by Art Nouveau. I was truly touched when I flipped through their Activity Books!


Something for the kids, something for us

Carolyne and Erik are convinced that it’s possible to see things you want to see as adults even if you’re traveling with kids. “We always do one fun thing with the boys and then the boys go and see one thing that we want to see.” And so the family went inside the Strahov Library, which is part of a self-guided tour in the Kit. It’s beautiful and I’m glad they got to see it!

The family also admired the Cubist architecture. Erik even bought a cubist vase at Galerie Kubista as a souvenir to take home. I think he made a great choice, because unlike the majority of items in the tourist souvenir shops around, this is genuinely Czech and has a real artistic value.


How about food

I’m confident enough to say that 100 % of the kids in Prague love trdlo, soft ice-cream, hot dogs and sausages. Liam, Julien and Noah also liked the pancakes they had the other day. Seems like street food is what makes the kids happy 🙂

Carolyne and Erik mentioned their lunch in Hergertova Cihelna right by the Charles Bridge. “The place was great. So was the food.” I completely agree. Even though this restaurant is at the higher end of the Prague foodie scene, you can come here with kids without feeling uncomfortable.
Cafe U Raka was another memorable place during one of the tours from the Kit. Very tiny and not meant for proper meals, but cozy and unique for drinks and apple strudel.

Carolyne bought my Prague Family Kit for her boys Noah (8), Julien (7) and Liam (3) and came to the beautiful spring Prague.

Paris? With the Family Kit again!

Carolyne gave me a very thorough feedback about the Castle visit and map orientation. I will definitely use her points to improve the experience with Prague Family Kit even more. I’m also really happy to hear that the family wants to order the Paris Family Kit when going to France.


Would you also like to have a great tool for exploring Prague like Carolyne and her family did? Don’t miss the chance to put your own Prague Family Kit into action! Order now and have the kit waiting for you upon arrival to Prague or get it asap delivered for free to you accommodation.

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