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Prague family restaurants – where to go and what to order

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Prague family restaurants – where to go and what to order

Taste is one of the senses we all definitely love to use when learning about other countries and cultures. BUT it doesn’t often go so well when traveling with children. They like to stick to their regular “global poplar’s” such as pizza and French fries and they don’t enjoy having a meal they are not familiar with. I’m sure you can find at least four Czech meals in Prague family restaurants, your kids would actually like.

On one hand you don’t want to push your children into tasting things they won’t like, but on the other hand you wish they tasted something local. So when I travel with my children I always wonder what the local children like and wish my children could taste the same things.

For your visit to Prague, I asked twenty kids aged 4 to 12 to find out what children like to order in Prague family restaurants and here is the list I came up with based on their answers.

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Svíčková (Beef Sirloin in Cream Sauce) in Prague family restaurants

  • This dish is usually 140 – 200 CZK

Prague family restaurants

Svíčková is a kind of roast beef, but the word also refers to the cream sauce that is served with it. As a side dish there are usually bread dumplings and the meat is topped with a cranberry topping. My boys like this meal a lot mainly for the cream sauce taste – they often don’t finish their meat though.

Where can you taste the best svíčková in Prague?

You can have great svíčková in most Prague restaurants serving Czech cuisine as a dish for kids or adults. My family and I like to go to a restaurant called Na Výtoni at Rašínovo Nábřeží 412, which is also a museum. It has a traditional Czech interior and pleasant summer terrace. And it’s located close to Vyšehrad Castle and the Náplavka river side.

Smažák (Deep Fried Cheese) in Prague family restaurants

  • This Dish is usually 90 – 140 CZK

Prague family restaurants

In the first place, every traditional restaurant serves smažák. Typical smažák is Czech Eidam cheese covered with breadcrumbs and deep fried. It’s usually served with potatoes or French fries and tartar sauce (similar to mayonnaise). Nevertheless, it’s pretty heavy. If there is no kid’s size meal, children probably won’t be able to eat the whole dish by themselves. But if they like cheese, they will definitely like it and you might actually like it too.

Where to try tasty smažák in Prague?

My tip is to visit Lokál and have smažák with homemade tartar sauce. Another positive: you can taste the original Pilsner Urquell beer there as well. There is one Lokál in the Lesser Town quarter (across the river from the Old Town) called U Bílé Kuželky on Míšeňská Street. Or there is another Lokál called Dlouhááá on Dlouhá Street, close to the Jewish Town.

Kuřecí Řízek (Chicken Schnitzel) in Prague family restaurants

  • This dish is 130 – 180 CZK

Prague family restaurants

Kuřecí řízek is usually not an issue for children. It tastes like chicken nuggets but is made of tender chicken breast instead of minced meat. Traditionally, it’s served with some kind of potatoes on the side. It may be potato salad (a cold variant), or mashed potatoes, which is quite popular with kids. Kuřecí řízek is my children’s favorite meal for lunch out on weekends.

Where to have good kuřecí řízek in Prague?

Try one of the Potrefená Husa restaurants. There is one Potrefená Husa close to the city center located on Národní třída 364/39, Praha 1, which also offers a good selection of Staropramen brand beers both normal and non-alcoholic with fruit flavors.

Ovocné Knedlíky (Fruit filled Sweet Dumplings) in Prague family restaurants

  • This dish is 80 – 100 CZK

Prague family restaurants

It may seem like a dessert, but Czech kids actually like these dumplings as a main dish. There is usually a portion of two dumplings big enough for lunch and children love that there’s powdered sugar sprinkled over them. Knedlíky are usually filled with berries, apricots or plums. Poppy seeds are also a very traditional filling. Just be careful where you order them, always ask whether they’re “homemade” first. Many places have just pre-cooked knedlíky out of a freezer. Not so yummmy 🙁

Where can you taste the best ovocné knedlíky in Prague?

I recommend Café Savoy on Vítězná 124/5, 150 00 Praha 5. Event hough the dumplings will cost you twice the regular price but they are fabulous, 100% fresh and the cafe interiors will take you back in time to the 1920s.

See where to find all the recommended eating spots on this interactive map.

There are many more typical Czech dishes of course. You might enjoy Knedlo Vepřo Zelo (Pork Meat with Dumplings and Sauerkraut) or Guláš (Goulash) in Prague family restaurants. But these didn’t make it to the top four dishes of Czech children.

Have you ever heard of any of these dishes?  Would you like to taste any of these in Prague family restaurants? Let me know in the comment!


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