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Jim and Jen: Prague Family Tips for Winter

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Jim and Jen: Prague Family Tips for Winter

I’m grateful that I sometimes get to meet with mindful parents and their kids while they’re visiting Prague. They show me how they used the Prague Family Kit during their stay and the kids tell me all the fun things they liked in their Activity Books. Their stories, questions and suggestions inspire me to write new articles and upgrades for the Kit. Let me share some of their Prague family tips and feedback with you!

Jim and Jen: Prague in Winter

Jim and Jen bought my Prague Family Kit for their sons Elliott (6) and Julian (3) and came to Prague right before Christmas.


TIP 1: Dress well

The family has traveled before with the boys and I could tell right away how easygoing all of them were with traveling. “We’d heard a lot about the beautiful Christmas markets in European cities and wanted to experience it,” explains Jim about why they decided to come to Prague despite how cold it is here in December. Obviously, winter tip #1 for them was dress well! You see, Julian is only three-years-old but he was able to manage the cold weather and everything else without problem. I was surprised how much they got to see in just a few days. Jen admitted the perfect length of their stay would have been three full days.


What was the most amazing experience? The parents both remember the same special moment:

Arriving at the Old Town Square after dark when it was all lit-up, with the Christmas market and the tree… that was breathtaking.”

Julian’s face lights up when he remembers the cannon balls in the wall (this is one of the Activity Book tasks in the Kit), and Elliott talks about the Water Goblin (another task from the Activity Book).

TIP 2: Plan stops along the way

Jim’s tip #2 was to plan stops along the way. When the walk takes you off the beaten track, the options are limited, and not having any place around to rest, eat and drink can be frustrating, especially for such little children. That’s why my walks are always full of cafes and family friendly restaurants.


TIP 3: Be Careful around the Trdelník grills

All of you visiting Prague will notice the famous Trdlo being made and sold in stalls throughout the center of Prague. I explained to Jim that this was not typically Czech at all, as you might have already read in my article about Czech Street Food. We have to go downtown to get it if my boys want it – it’s just a tourist thing. But, of course, they love it – just like Julian and Elliott loved it. So tip #3 is be careful around the Trdnelník grills.

“Seeing it for the first time, Julian leaned on the grill to get a better look and the grill literally burned holes through his glove and coat in just a second! So please watch out everyone, those things are obviously extremely hot,” explains Jim about their Trdlo experience.

And what would be the secret foodie tip from Jen and Jim? Take your children to Výtopna. There are trains that bring drinks right to your table. Kids love it! And it’s right in the city center in Wenceslas Square.

Get together and let me hunt for a treasure with your kids

Coming to Prague with your kids? Here’s the perfect plan for you:

  • First of all, read my blog posts with unique free printables in most of them
  • Order my Prague Family Kit
  • …and then? Meet me :)!

If you like spending time with locals when you travel, let me be the one you do it with. I have a treasure hunt prepared for your children – it takes about twenty minutes. Afterwards, I can tell you a bit more about Prague, answer any of your questions and share some more Prague family tips with you!


You’re probably thinking, where’s the catch, right? Well, there is none! It’s important for me to gather feedback, and this way I get to talk to you, find out how you used the Kit, what you liked, and what should be improved… So no, no catch.

Send me an e-mail at and set your family up with a date in Prague!

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  1. Jen says:

    Thank you, Katka! Meeting you and using your guide throughout our trip made our experience so much more worthwhile. We hope other families traveling through Prague make a point of seeking you out.

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