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Why spring in Prague with kids is the best timing of the year

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Why spring in Prague with kids is the best timing of the year

Spring in Prague is truly beautiful! The city turns green again. Life returns to the parks and playgrounds. And the air remains fresh without the summer heat. It’s also a lot of fun! Here is what my kids like the most about the spring season in Prague 🙂

1. Spring in Prague at Farmers markets


Most Czechs living in Prague get excited when the farmers markets return after the winter. Finally, you can get fresh vegetables! But the markets also have cakes, bread, coffee and other goodies too. And I don’t mean the markets you see in the very center, these are for tourists, not locals. If you want the real experience, walk to Náplavka on Saturday morning for the most popular market in Prague. Or go to the square, Náměstí Jiřího z Poděbrad, for another nice market. I’ve put all the details, maps and activity sheets for the kids into this self-guided tour that you can purchase and download on-line.

2. Parks and playgrounds

Playground in Prague Franciscan Garden
Playground in Prague Franciscan Garden

In spring, parents finally let their kids play in the playgrounds again without worries they’ll get too wet or too cold. Here is your parks and playgrounds first-aid map to the center that will save every tired child’s soul and heart after walking around the city all day.

And if you asked me for the one best park with a playground in spring, I’d send you to Vyšehrad. The ancient fort turned park has its own legends and mystique. A walk around this place will make both you and the kids happy. I’ve written all about the legends and added many different little tasks for the kids in this self-guided tour of Vyšehrad.

3. Boat rides on Vltava river in Prague


Most of the boat rentals open again in April. You can either rent a boat or a peddle boat and enjoy views of Prague from the river. I’ve written about the boat rentals in this article about the Old Town. Or you can get my Prague Family Kit, the third self-guided tour includes a boat ride!

4. Prague in spring in restaurants and cafes with sun terraces

As soon as the sun stays up past 6pm, you can (almost always) safely sit outside for a beer or cup of coffee and watch the lively streets of Prague. Here are my favorites:

If you want to enjoy the best views of the Charles Bridge, have lunch or dinner at Hergertova cihelna. This place is very family-friendly and very spacious. Cafe Lavka has great views too, but I’d only recommend it for beer and refreshments, the food and the service is not that great.

Malá strana (Lesser Town) is full of restaurants with garden patios but these are mainly for tourists. Locals do have a few great hidden places though. So if you want to go local, check out Cafe Mlýnská in Kampa Park by the river. If there are no free tables, you can always drink your beers and eat your snacks on the grass in the park. You can also get lucky and find a free outside spot in the little family-run cafe, Prague Chocolate Bistro, on Nerudova street or Cafe Nový Svět in the New World.


Restaurants in the Old Town Square also offer many outside tables to eat at. Again, these are mainly for tourists and I don’t have any experience with them. My favorite places around the Old Town Square are Cafe Cacao by the Municipal House, Cafe Neustadt in the courtyard of the New Town Hall, Garden Coffee Shop in the Franciscan garden or Styl Interier on Vodičkova Street. And if I want to breathe in an Art Nouveau atmosphere rather than get great coffee and perfect service, I go to Cafe Adria for its large terrace above Narodní Street.

5. Bike rides for spring in Prague

spring in prague

When the weather is finally warm again, you can also hop on a bike and ride along the Vltava River!! You can rent a bike at Okolo Bike Rental. They have regular bikes, child seats and even tandem bikes. They’ll also show you where to go along the river and how to explore the inner city. With kids, I would recommend riding only along the river though.

6. Spring in Prague: Easter traditions

The city center usually gets covered with Easter for at least a month during spring. Spring in Prague is always asking for a visit of the Easter markets. These could be found in the Old Town Square, Republic Square and Wenceslas Square. Easter decorations are also available in all the farmer’s markets.

Czech Easter is nothing like those you’ve seen before! You might not get to experience the real tradition in the city, but in smaller towns and in the countryside the traditions are still very much alive! My boys start asking me when they’ll get to do the “boom boom” months before Easter! So what is this “boom boom”?

spring in prague
Spring market at Old Town square

Well, first women and girls paint Easter eggs and have them beautifully decorated and ready for Easter Monday. Men and boys make Easter whips from fresh willow twigs – or they just buy them (you’ll see them everywhere around). Then, the morning of Easter Monday the show begins. Men and boys visit the girls in their homes, whipping them while singing or reciting an Easter Carol. The girls don’t just let them – according to tradition, being whipped with a fresh twig will help them stay young and beautiful for the whole year. They also give the men eggs, chocolates (and alcohol shots to the adults) for it! Even though these traditions are slowly dying out, most people still do the whipping and egg decorating at least within the family circle.

spring in prague

Where in Prague besides the markets can you experience Easter? Prior to Easter Monday there are workshops for the public in the Prague Museum and a festival with workshops at Vyšehrad. Your kids can also color eggs in the Prague Zoo. Or you can head outside of the city to one of the open-air museums around Prague! In Kouřim, they celebrate Easter with a set of events and an Easter exhibition. Another nice open-air museum even closer to Prague is in Nový Přerov. An Easter exhibition takes place here all throughout April.


To experience the best of spring in Prague, don’t forget to check out my Prague Family Kit that will help you explore Prague like worldschoolers do! Free delivery of gift wrapped Kit to your hotel in Prague before arrival or immediately (if you are currently staying in Prague).

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