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Top 5 Prague indoor tips for rainy days or winter

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Top 5 Prague indoor tips for rainy days or winter

Spring or summer days in Prague are usually sunny and nice. But if you come to visit in fall or winter, you could possibly have to deal with some rain or cold weather.  No worries about that, there is plenty of cool stuff to do with kids in Prague on cold and rainy days. And it can also be beautiful – less crowded, warm food and hot drinks, and in winter even snow covered rooftops. To warm up a bit between walks in the city, read my personal Prague indoor tips. 


In winter, temperatures might still be over 0°C (32°F), but without any sun it might feel pretty cold anyway. The temperatures easily drop down to -7°C (20°F) at night, so if you don’t want your children to be cold, comfortable snowboots, mittens, hats and scarfs are a must. I always carry an extra pair of mittens for my kids at this time of the year – they like to touch everything no matter how cold and wet it is.

You should also bring some fun things for your children to do while you’re sitting around cafés and restaurants escaping the cooler air outside. Download my Free printable Prague Winter Memory Game to keep them busy during your breaks. Just don’t forget scissors.

Or get your children the Prague Family Kitwhich already includes everything. This way the café stops on cold days will actually be fun, even without the smartphone games they could be playing at home, rather than on a trip to Prague!

prague indoor tips

Prague indoor tips 1: Surround yourselves with the sounds of the railway


My older boy Mari is not a big fan, but Chris loves trains, and this place is like heaven to him. Even I enjoy it, as the whole Czech country is displayed in miniature and I can see the different sites there are scattered round.

This place is called Království Železnic (the Kingdom of Railways). Inside one big hall there are hundreds of yards of railway tracks stretching out across models of the entire Czech Republic. The model is extremely detailed – dozens of trains or cars give way to each other at intersections and traffic lights, day and night changes every few minutes, people are walking their dogs, waiting for their train connections, barbecuing, etc.


The Kingdom of Railways usually keeps us busy for a couple of hours. Sometimes the boys want to stay longer to play in a tram or in a bus. They have some inside that open up so that children can try riding a bus or become a tram driver for few minutes. The downside to the Kingdom is its location. You’ll find it in the middle of an office and shopping complex area. On the plus side, it’s very close to the metro.

How to get there?

The Kingdom of Railways is a five-minute-walk from the metro station Anděl on the yellow ‘B’ line. There is also a whole range of different tram numbers that stop at Anděl (1, 4, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20, 21, 25). If you take a taxi, you won’t pay more than 200 CZK from anywhere in the city center – Anděl is still part of the center, just across the river so it’s still very close.

Prague indoor activity tips 2: Contemplate life and art in DOX

  • At least one hour
  • With a nice cafe and design shop
  • Without a dedicated play area for children
  • At this Prague address: Poupětova 1

I really like coming here. The Center for Contemporary Art, Architecture and Design, or DOX, ranks among the most progressive art institutions in the Czech Republic. But even more important to me: it’s never too crowded, has a lot of free space so children can move around freely and enjoy the art. Plus there is a nice cafe and design shop inside. What more could I wish for on a winter afternoon!


DOX represents and promotes contemporary art in the context of themes that are changing the world. The exhibition area is not too big and won’t tire you with its size. Good! DOX does organize workshops for children but not on a regular basis, so it’s better to just come for the exhibition and see what’s on. Moreover, it’s incredible to hear what your children might think of the art on display and I love looking at it through their eyes.

If you like design at least a little bit, don’t miss out on the design shop – you can purchase your very own Czech piece of art or design and bring it back home. Definitely much more valuable than the crappy souvenirs they sell downtown, and it doesn’t even cost that much more :)!


Prague indoor tips 3: Aquapalace waterland and park walk in Průhonice

You can also spend half a day in an Aquapalace Praha right outside of Prague. Kids are guaranteed to enjoy the slides, and if you want to also see something nice in the area, you can walk around the Park and Castle in Průhoniceclose to the Aquapalace. The place is beautiful and you can even buy a little puzzle for your children to solve around the park at the cash desk. Many Czech families come here on weekends – that’s why there are also quite a few family friendly restaurants nearby. Try the Sokolovna restaurant or Babiččina zahrada (Grandma’s Garden).


Prague indoor tips 4: Back to your childhood at Hamleys

  • Even a few minutes to warm up and rest are great
  • With the best historical places to explore aroundaround
  • With interactive play areas for children
  • At this Prague address: Na Příkopě 14

Maybe you’re wondering why I’m giving you a tip for a British toy store?! Well, it’s location makes it a perfect place to rest while exploring the Old Town. And it’s cute, so I just can’t help myself. Both you and your kids can warm up inside and the little ones can play with some of the toys or take a slide all the way from the top to the bottom floor. The story of Hamley’s is quite unique and goes all the way back to 1760. The store in Prague opened in 2016 and is the only one of its kind in Central Europe. Hamleys store sure has a place on Prague indoor tips list.


And what should you see before going to Hamley’s? You can explore some of Czech architectural rarities – Art Nuveau and Cubism.  Walk by the Municipal House at the end of the boulevard Na Příkopě with Hamley’s in the middle of it and peek inside to see Art Nuveau at its best. Even the door handles will turn into plants or bear some kind of natural curves under your grip. Then take a little detour, walk under the Powder Tower and marvel at the Cubist geometry embodied in the House of the Black Madonna. You can even visit a gallery inside that shows Cubism in all sorts of both art and every day objects. One extra bonus – both the Municipal House and the House of the Black Madonna run a cafe inside, so you can stop by for a very stylish cup of coffee or tea.

Prague indoor tips 5: Planes, Trains and Motorbikes in National Technical Museum 

If your children like technology, transportation and science, the National Technical Museum might be the right place for bad weather in Prague. It’s right next to Letná Park, so you can get some fresh air and take in some great views of Prague afterwards.

Prague indoor tips 6: Escape room

Another option is to try one of the escape rooms. A lot of them are for adults but kids can do them too. Some even have a Prague theme – there is one about a Prague Alchymist in MindMaze and another about the Astronomical Clock in the ClockRoom. I personally tried Golem’s Hideaway in the Puzzle Room with my children and it was great fun.

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