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Clair and Kieren: Prague with 3 kids? No problem!

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Clair and Kieren: Prague with 3 kids? No problem!

I’d be the first to tell you travelling with two kids is a challenge. So when Clair wrote me about coming to Prague with 3 kids, I knew I had to meet her family and see for myself how travelling with 3 little ones works.

Prague with 3 kids – the expectations are clear

The recipe seemed easy: “We travel to places for more days and come with no expectations. We plan to see and do one thing a day,” reveals Clair. Still, from what I learned during our time together and the treasure hunt with the kids, Clair and Kieren got to see a lot, and both Aiden and Callum learned tons about Prague!

One more thing was important to Clair – staying in an apartment rather than in a hotel room. The family doesn’t push it, especially in the evenings. It’s definitely less stressful to prepare a quick dinner that Aiden, Callum and Amber really like than eating out with tired kids, hoping they will actually eat the meal they get.

Clair bought my Prague Family Kit for her kids Aiden (7), Callum (3) and Amber (2) and came to Prague before Easter. 2017.
Clair bought my Prague Family Kit for her kids Aiden (7), Callum (3) and Amber (2) and came to Prague before Easter. 2017.

Using public transportation in Prague is fun

“The apartment must be close to a metro stop or other public transportation”, adds Clair. I’m so happy to hear the family uses the metro and trams to get around! I’m usually not able to convince anyone to ride a tram, not even once for the kids (though they love it!).

Uber and taxis are relatively cheap here, plus everything is very close so you don’t end-up paying much for “the easy ride”. But it’s not so easy with 3 kids! “You see, we don’t fit in a regular taxi. And we had some bad experience with taxis in other European cities anyway. We truly enjoy getting on a tram to explore Prague”, says Kieren. “The only issue were the tickets. It took me over an hour to figure out where to get a 3-day pass.

prague family tips spring_tram
Pragu family tips: tram ride is fun

I guess I need to dig into this topic a bit and write more about how and where to buy tickets for the trams and metro – the ride is so worth it! Thank you Kieren for pointing this out!

Art in the streets better than TV

Here comes my traditional question, “What have you liked the most in Prague so far Aiden?” I’m flattered by Aiden’s answer – the treasure hunt! 🙂 And trams! And sausages of every kind! It seems kids from all around the world are alike, my boys also find hot dogs and sausages yummy.

Both the parents and kids loved eating in Výtopna in Wenceslas Square, just like Jen and Jim. There are trains that bring drinks right to your table!

And what about the parents? Kieren enjoyed the relatively new Lego Museum and Clair mentioned the Franciscan Garden as the perfect place to relax in the middle of the city. Kieren also remembered how all three kids enjoyed watching the art performers.

“The kids would have watched the Jazz musicians in the Old Town Square for hours.”

And what about the Lennon Wall? Yes, all three kids went crazy there with chalk from the Family Kit. Another reason not to cram too much into one day 😉

Prague with Family - Lennon Wall
Prague with Family – Lennon Wall

Are you also coming to Prague with 3 kids or at least two little travelers? My Prague Family Kit will keep them entertained and will turn your visit into real worldschooling experience. You can choose from three age variants of content from the youngest kids to teenagers. Order your kit now and don’t miss free delivery to your Prague accommodation!


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