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10 times YES to Prague with kids

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10 times YES to Prague with kids

Naturally, my boys and I love Prague. But is Prague really the place you want to bring your children for a holiday? Here is my list of the most important reasons why Prague with kids is always a good idea. While you’re reading, and perhaps still thinking about whether to go or not, let your children learn a few facts about Prague and the Czech Republic while you do the homework. Don’t worry, it’s going to be fun!

For the start, download your copy of free e-book Prague Family Tips!

1. Prague is a small, hidden gem

Prague is relatively small compared to other capital cities in Europe. And small cities mean less traffic, smaller crowds and less stress with children. In case you were curious, Prague is the 15th largest of all EU capitals and it’s population is no more than 1.25 million people.


2. Parks and playgrounds

Even in the very center of Prague, you’ll find tons of playgrounds and parks. Some might be hidden, but I’ll show you the way. And it’s not just the playgrounds that tell you how locals feel about children, lots of restaurants have play areas and there’s even a children’s gallery right in the center. So don’t worry, Prague is used to children and families. Precise locations od all the playgrounds and parks you can also find inside Prague Family Kit.


3. Better preserved than any other capital

Prague has never been bombed, so when you walk through the city you walk through the centuries. The Middle Ages to your right, the Renaissance to the left, and beautiful Art Deco and Cubism one street over. Did you know that the Czech Republic is the only country with Cubist architecture? Thanks to this rich history, legends arise behind every corner and you can read about them with your children in my Prague Family Kit.


4. Most Prague monuments are close together

Who likes to cross an entire city, back and forth, just to see the castle, the main square and the nicest street? Luckily, Prague is super compact! In fact, it’s more compact than any other city I’ve ever been to. You can walk around all the most beautiful parts of it without getting annoyed by the city traffic, all in one day! It’s nice to let your children “off the leash” too without being worried about cars driving everywhere around you.

5. Better than amusement parks

Have you ever flown across a continent just to take your kids to Disneyland? Well, when you fly to Prague, you can actually enjoy your destination for what it really is! Without any official amusement parks around, you can turn the whole city into one big theme park. My Prague Family Kit will make it happen! But if you think you still need something “amusement park like” for the children, there’s always the Prague Zoo, one of the top seven zoos in the world! Or you can take your children to Čestlice Aquapalace to enjoy some great water slides.


6. Great food for even greater prices

The prices in Czech restaurants both for dishes and drinks will – let’s just say – please you. There are a lot of traditional Czech dishes that even children like. Plus Czechs have always had a sweet tooth, so you won’t do wrong by taking your family to taste local pastries and cakes. Most restaurants are family-friendly, offer children’s menus or smaller portions for kids. Honestly, I think Prague could easily become your family’s little gourmet heaven.


7. Enough to do in any weather

In spring and fall you can enjoy the lively farmers’ markets, while in the heat of the summer, the Vltava River becomes an oasis inside a bustling city – so rent a boat and cool your feet in the water! Or you can take your children to splash some water around in Gutovka Park. And in the winter? You’ll fall in love with the Christmas markets (especially the hot wine), and can go skating with your children on one of the ice rinks in the Prague center! If it rains or you’re looking for something indoors, check out my favorite places: The Railroad Kindgom shows you the best of the Czech Republic, whereas DOX will introduce you to contemporary art in a very gentle way – the interiors are relatively small so you won’t be exhausted, and there is plenty of space for children to run around.


8. The river in the middle of Prague

The Vltava River cuts the city in half, right down the middle. There are seventeen bridges over the river and some of them even lead to little islands! You can rent paddle boats, row boats and even motorboats to float by the Charles Bridge in. You can take a cruise in the evening to enjoy the Castle and other key monuments lit up against the night sky. You can feed the swans and ducks. And you can stop by one of the gorgeous green islands, relax and let the children play in the playgrounds. The Vltava truly brings another dimension to the city – it just looks different from the water. Want a taste? Listen to the Vltava as a symphonic masterpiece composed by the famous Czech composer, Bedřich Smetana.


9. Great public transportation – fun for kids

You’ll probably prefer to take taxis everywhere around as the prices are relatively low. But Prague has a great and reliable system of public transportation and children will love riding a metro train or tram at least once. Also, the metro stations in the center have very nice designs that are worth seeing. So go for it, buy yourselves a few tickets and catch a tram. Or dig underground to get from the National Museum at Wenceslas Square to Malostranská below the Castle. It will save you energy and time, and it’s tons of fun to ride with the locals.


10. Prague with family is safe!

I listed this as the last point but I know how important it is to every parent wanting to take their child abroad! In Prague, you can move around freely without worries during the day, and at night it’s better to avoid empty streets, but mainly for you to feel comfortable rather than because of any real danger. Also, at night it’s always better to call a taxi provided by an official service. According to statistics, Prague is a safe city, just take good care of your belongings – pickpocketing is a never ending ill.


One more tip – always look when crossing the street. You have the right of way at marked pedestrian crossings when it comes to cars and buses, but be aware – trams always have the right of way, no matter what!

So what do you think? Is Prague worth a visit for a family vacation? Let me know your thoughts in a comment. Meanwhile you can download free Prague Family Tips e-book to learn something fun and useful with your kids.


If you want to make the best of your Prague trip, don’t forget to order my Prague Family Kit with free delivery to your hotel!


  1. Jim says:

    This is a terrific website. My family will be visiting Prague just before Christmas this year. (We also have two boys, 6 and 3.) If you plan to write a blog post related to visiting Prague around that time, we will eagerly read it.

    • katka says:

      Hi Jim. Great you’re coming to Prague with your family at this time of the year! It will be cold but it will also be beautiful. I am just about to publish few articles about what to do in Prague with kids during this period of time. I’ll send you an e-mail once they’re ready. In the meantime you can download couple legends for your children, one of them is about the Charles Bridge that you will walk on for sure. And the other one is about the Astronomical Clock that you will also go and see (the biggest Christmas market in Prague is right next to it). You’ll find the downloads at the bottom of each page. Have a great day!

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks so much for this. We just read the Christmas market guide. Brilliant! It’s good to have a mix of local and more touristy options. The whole family is excited for a Prague adventure. Veselé Vánoce!

  3. Lubna says:

    Hi katya!

    This post is brilliant! Thanks!

    We are planning to visit in the 3rd week of April. Can you suggest where we could go for a day trip in the Czech countryside? Perhaps a fruit picking farm or a working farm or a chilf friendly touristy village. We would like to have an idea of the famous Czech countryside too!



    • katka says:

      Hi Lubna!
      What a good question! I have some great tips in my head, plus I will do a small research and ask other parents, too. Let me put it all in a short article next week and I’ll let you know once it’s on-line. Would you rent a car for your trip? Or would you use public transportation (trains, buses)? I will also add couple tips right outside of Prague that are super easily accessible (by Uber or bus).
      Best regards

      • katka says:

        Hi Lubna, the day trips are on-line. I personally don’t like endless lists, it’s too hard to chose from them ;). So I’ve put my top five pick together, hope you’ll like them!

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