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Free treasure hunt for your kids in Prague

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Free treasure hunt for your kids in Prague

Meeting with mindful parents and their kids while they’re visiting Prague is something I enjoy very much. They show me how they used the Prague Family Kit during their stay and the kids tell me all the fun things they liked in their Activity Books. Their stories, questions and suggestions inspire me to write new articles and upgrades for the Kit.
Because it’s important that kids have a good time during our talk,  I came up with the idea of Prague themed treasure hunt. And guess what? There is a real treasure at the end! As you can see in review stories here, kids love this activity and so do their parents!

treasure hunt in Prague

Get together and let me hunt for a treasure hunt in Prague with your kids

So how to get a free treasure hunt for your kids in Prague? It’s very simple:

  • First of all, read my blog posts with free printables in most of them
  • Order my Prague Family Kit here
  • …and then? Meet me :)!

If you like spending time with locals when you travel, let me be the one you do it with. Usually it’s better to do it on the second or third day of your stay, so you can ask me all the questions that popped into your head while exploring sights and streets of Prague.  I have a treasure hunt prepared for your children – it takes about twenty minutes. Afterwards, I can tell you a bit more about Prague, answer any of your questions and share some more Prague family tips with you!

treasure hunt in Prague

You’re probably thinking, where’s the catch, right? Well, there is none! It’s important for me to gather feedback, and this way I get to talk to you, find out how you used the Kit, what you liked, and what should be improved… So no, no catch.
Send me an e-mail at and set your family up with a date in Prague!


Excited about coming to Prague? Don’t forget to check out my Prague Family Kit that will help you explore Prague like worldschoolers do! Free delivery of gift wrapped Kit to your hotel in Prague before arrival or immediately (if you are currently staying in Prague).

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